TradeTimer Requirements.

TradeTimer runs perfect in the Windows 10 environment, and makes fully advantage of the calculating power of the high speed multi core processors.

Stock Data:

Your Stock data must contain at least 3 years of historical data, uninterrupted and complete. Date-Open-High-Low-Close, for every trading day.
For every new day you, your software or your data-provider, needs to add the date, open, high, low and closing price for every security you like to track. Without the right stock data TradeTimer will not work correctly.

Stock Data formats used by TradeTimer:

Metastock MetaStock data
  The MetaStock daily format 6 and 7 are supported by TradeTimer. You can import a complete MetaStock data folder at once, as a new List, into TradeTimer or you can add single data files to a existing List.
Comma Separated ascii Data item Comma Separated ascii data
  Comma Separated ASCII data files with  the fields: Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume. with an extension of .acc, .asc or .prn
For all ASCII formats the Date format, with a backslash as date separator, can be any dd/mm/yy sequence, as long as the field sequence is : D,O,H,L,C,V. (see the example on this page.) You can import a complete data folder with Comma Separated Data Files at once, as a new List, into TradeTimer or you can add single data files to a existing List.
Trade Timing Software item Wallstreet data
   Only the extension .dag can be used from the ..\WallStreet\Koersen\SYSDx or ...\WSWIN\SYSDx folder. You have to execute a "dagverwerking" so the last days closing prices are added the *.dag file.

Comma Separated Data Example

comma_separated_ascii example

Stock Data Providers

All Data providers and analysis software can export the comma separated ASCII format.
If you don't have any analysis software and no data, No problem! you can get all the data you need for TradeTimer with several Data loading software. Some of these software programs are shareware/donation-ware and for the others you have to pay a small fee only, if you want to use the programs to their full extend.

If needed: Please check the Stock Data providers below.

HSQuote  HSQuote URL:;
DataBull  DataBull: URL: 
HQuote  HQuote pro URL: 
ML Downloader  MLDownloader   URL: 
Datalink  Datalink URL:
Datalink  YLoader URL: