Stock Market Trade Timing Software

Stock Market Trade Timing Software item Dynamic Trend Channels Trading Software, TradeTimer is a new Technical Analysis Trading Tool based on Dynamic Trend Channel Analysis, and supplemented with a fully Japanese Candlestick pattern recogintion system.
This revolutionary mechanical Stock Market Trade Timing Software for only twice the price of an average "at the money" option premium. Simple trading signals, easy charts, to the point and no hassle with any kind of parameter optimizing. Test TradeTimer for Free.
TradeTimer, is also equipped with a brand new mechanical Trading System which generates clear and simple Trading Signals, based on Dynamic Trend Channel Analysis which no other analysis Trading System can accomplish. We are proud that only our Trade Timer can make these complex calculations needed to visualize the Dynamic Trend Channels. The mechanical Stock Market Trade Timing Software is very suitable for trading stocks, currencies, options, futures; or any other investment vehicle you like. For the option trader, who has to deal with the quick price movements of the options, this is the prefect trade timer! Trading options with Trade Timer can make you money in a Bull as well in a Bear market. For all the traders or investors who wants to "buy low and sell high" this is the perfect trading tool. TradeTimer gives you the best stock market Trade Timing signals and a perfect view of how prices are in relation to its past with a clear prediction where the prices will move in the near future. TradeTimer gives you a head start.


Japanese Candlesticks pattern recognition item A Japanese Candlestick patterns recognition system is a perfect supplement to the Dynamic Trend Channels Trading Software, which can be selected, if you wish, to supplement our Stock Market Timing software. Combining the two trading tools makes TradeTimer the perfect Stock Market Trade Timing mechanism. Even if you don't use the mechanical trading system of TradeTimer you can still use TradeTimer to get a perfect view of where and how the stock prices are, in relation to their own past price movements, very handy for buying low and selling high. With a little experience with the Dynamic Trend Channels and some imagination you can make a good guess in what direction the prices will move in the near future. If selected, you'll still see the by TradeTimer found Japanese Candlestick patterns with their suggested advice. No other Technical Analysis trading software can show you the Dynamic Trend channels the way TradeTimer does. You are welcome to evaluate TradeTimer to all extends with all the functions available free for 5 days.