What can TradeTimer do for you?

For instance, TradeTimer can:

J.M. Hurst item TradeTimer visualizes the first and second envelope for the 'price turn predictions' as described by J.M. Hurst in his book The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing.
mechanical trade timing item TradeTimer is a new Technical Analysis Trading Software.
mechanical trade timing item TradeTimer is a mechanical Stock Market Timing Software which provides you with simple and clear buy and sell alerts for all the financial markets. Trading options can make money in both Bear and Bull markets.
Trading Signals item TradeTimer delivers you clear and simple Trading Signals, your portfolio positions are always protected.
japanese candlesticks item TradeTimer can teach you Japanese Candlestick patterns trading.
japanese candlesticks patterns item TradeTimer can show you all the existing Japanese Candlestick patterns.
mechanical trading system item In TradeTimer you can add Japanese Candlestick patterns recognition to the mechanical Trade system.
stock portfolio protection item TradeTimer can protect the value of your stock portfolio in a Bear market with an insurance system made of selling Call or buying Put options.
extra income options item TradeTimer can generate extra income on your stocks, by safely selling Call Options at the top of the cycles and buy them back at the bottoms.
past price movements item TradeTimer can show you perfectly where the stock prices are in relation to their past price movements.
dynamic trend channels item TradeTimer will show you the best moments to add extra shares to your portfolio or the best moments to sell your shares
mechanical trade system item TradeTimer's unique performance indicator shows you where to trade most profitable.
buy low sell high item With TradeTimer you can Buy Low and Sell High.
head start item TradeTimer gives you a head start, you'll trade ahead of the crowd.
Trend Channel Analysis TradeTimer gives you a visualization of the two shortest available trend channels in a range of stock prices, showing you the dynamic Trend channels with dynamic support and resistance lines in which you can see where the stock prices will probably head in the near future.
Mechanical Trading Software TradeTimer can show you the "Running" Trade and if you wish it can show you all the previous trades which TradeTimer would have made in the past.
Dynamic trend channels With TradeTimer you don't need the time-consuming optimizing or "curve-fitting" of a pile of technical analyses indicators and oscillators for each individual stock since TradeTimer is build with a no optimize able dynamic system with is configured by the stocks own price history. One system fits all securities.
Trading Software With TradeTimer you don't need to manage a special separate portfolio list. Your complete portfolio and all the other securities you might want to trade can easily controlled from one complete list which will guard your portfolio and watches for new trading opportunities.
Trade timing Software With TradeTimer you can manually scan every security in a List with the push of one button.
Stock Market Trade Timing Software TradeTimer can search all the securities you like to keep track of with the push of one button only. All the alerts found, which can be watched in sequence, are nicely arranged in one clear printable list.
Dynamic Trading Software TradeTimer can make a print of every security you wish so you can, if you like, manually extend the channels to find the next top or bottom area.
Metastock, Comma Separated Stock Data With TradeTimer you can mingle all kind of stock data formats in one List, MetaStock, ASCII, Wallstreet and all in the future added data formats.
Stock Market Trade Timing Software TradeTimer needs only 1/2 hour a day of your valuable time.
Bull and Bear market item With TradeTimer you can make money in Bull and Bear markets!
Bull and Bear market item You can Test TradeTimer for Free, Download TradeTimer Now.